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PYW News: Summer Teacher Training in Malvern starts June 21st!

Become A Yoga Teacher! Our Summer Teacher Training starts Saturday June 21st in Malvern! Click for more info & registration.

The new Monday 6:30 am Power Hour w/ Bill starts May 5th in Malvern!

Check out the new Yoga Sculpt w/ Weights on Thursday at the Noon Power Hour in Malvern!


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Success Stories At PYW

Some people think that yoga is just a bunch of people sitting around and stretching. Others think that it’s just for people who are seriously flexible. They are wrong! At Power Yoga Works with the studio hovering in the mid-90 degree level, yoga is not just about simple … [Read More...]

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Yoga for Stress Management and Tips for Beginners

Somewhere along the line you may have decided you are simply not the yoga type. Sure, you've heard the raves about yoga for stress management, but you can barely touch your toes. So there's no way you're going to stand on your head or twist your foot behind your neck like a … [Read More...]

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NFL Player’s Off-Season: Swapping Cleats for Yoga Mats

Brent Celek of the Philadelphia Eagles swaps field drills and wind sprints for yoga and Pure Barre Brent Celek does pushups using suspended rings. After taking a pounding every week during the NFL season, Brent Celek, a tight end for the … [Read More...]

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